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New York State has the fourth largest female prison population in the nation. When New York enacted the Rockefeller Drug laws in 1973, 400 women were incarcerated in New York State Prisons. Since that time their numbers have increased tenfold.. Almost the entire increase in women sentenced to prison is a result of non-violent drug offenses and the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Women of color make up 91% of the women under custody for drug offenses, even though only 13% of drug users in the United States are people of color.

When you stop to think about the inequities, the injustices, the shattered families and the children who have lost the affect in their eyes, one can feel overwhelmed. All the news seems bad, particularly if you're watching television. But there is good news. It rarely makes it to the 6 o'clock news. But at Greenhope, we are helping women every day to value themselves, their voices and most importantly to value their power to choose a better life for themselves. Because no matter what has happened in the past, they were strong enough to survive. And with our help, yours and mine, they are strong enough to move forward for themselves and for their children. Please join us in our mission to reclaim lives, reunite families, and rebuild communities.



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