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Greenhope provides services to 42 residential and 70 day treatment/outpatient clients. Greenhope's comprehensive approach to recovery incorporates a variety of academic enrichment and personal development strategies in order to address the various needs of the clients. Each program includes:

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Substance abuse counseling is offered in individual and group settings. Individual counseling is provided weekly for approximately one hour for all clients. If needed, counseling session frequency and length of time can and will be extended depending on the presenting concern. Through individual counseling, clients are geared toward self-acceptance in order to find their voices. Group counseling is provided at various times and lengths throughout the week.

Group topics include but are not limited to anger management, relapse prevention, chemical dependency education, domestic violence, and healthy relationships. Participation in groups teaches women how to cope with the absence of drug use by discussing and exploring thoughts and urges of drug use and the possible consequences associated with drug use. Tasks and role-plays are assigned to assist the women in changing behavior, thoughts and attitudes.

Domestic Violence Education and Prevention

Greenhope’s programs place a strong emphasis on breaking the cycle of family abuse. The majority of the women served have experienced abuse including: physical and sexual abuse as children; battery as women; abuse of illegal substances; as well as physical abuse of their own children. In addition to individual counseling around the issues of domestic violence, Greenhope provides an on-going domestic violence group facilitated by a social worker.

This group allows women to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings about domestic violence. Specific topics addressed include defining domestic violence, warning signs of a batterer as well as how to report a batterer, obtainment and then enforcement of an order of protection, safety planning and how to find local shelters.

Legal/Criminal Justice

The legal advocacy supervisor and the court and corrections liaison are responsible for providing clients with support services to educate them about their legal rights both individually and as parents. They also instruct them on how to negotiate various systems in which they may be involved such as parole, probation, and family and drug treatment courts.

The supervisor and the court liaison conduct legal advocacy workshops, meet monthly with the parole officers, communicate with the probation officer, accompany clients to court appearances and advocate on the clients’ and children’s behalf when needed.

Vocational and Educational Services

Greenhope provides a vocational assessment, counseling, evaluation, academic support, GED preparation, vocational workshops, job training, and job placement for all clients. Upon entering the program, the Test of Adult Battery Education (TABE) is administered. This test helps to determine each woman’s grade equivalent while enabling proper placement for academic remediation and vocational training. The specific services include:

  • Vocational Assessment: Each client meets with the vocational counselor and a comprehensive overview of her social, legal, medical, educational and vocational history is conducted in order to develop a vocational treatment plan. The plan depicts specific strategies to accomplish the client’s goals within a designated time period. Vocational counseling continues throughout treatment.

  • Vocational Evaluation: If a client cannot determine her educational goals, once the assessment is completed, a Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) is conducted. The DVE is used to evaluate the client’s vocational interests and aspirations and/or educational aptitude. During the evaluation phase, each client performs work tasks related to her area of interest.

  • Academic Preparation: Any woman seeking to obtain her GED or increase her academic skills attends educational classes on-site every day for a minimum of eight weeks. Upon completion of these classes, she is evaluated for off-site academic preparation. Greenhope has established relationships with local educational and skills building institutions. While attending off-site classes the women continue to participate in on-site vocational and educational training in order to complete homework assignments and receive tutoring in specific subject areas.

  • Vocational Workshops: A series of vocational groups are provided in order to prepare the women for joining the work force. Topics such as Career Exploration, Job Readiness, Interviewing Skills, and Resume Writing are addressed. In addition, clients learn to answer questions regarding their incarceration; complete job applications; write effective cover letters; develop resumes; and learn proper telephone etiquette.

  • Vocational Training: Vocational training includes on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and computer training and/or internships.

  • Job Placement and Referrals: Job placement assistance is available for all women at Greenhope to obtain gainful employment. Clients may be referred to agencies that assist with job placement such as Department of Labor, National Association on Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Center for Employment Opportunities and Ready Willing and Able. The women have access to fax and photocopying machines, computers and resume assistance.


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