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Permanent Housing Placement
Every client receives permanent housing at the completion of her participation in her designated treatment plan. Greenhope staff assists each client in developing intermediary goals regarding attainment of transitional and permanent housing as part of this treatment plan. This includes a money management plan to result in the accumulation of sufficient funds to pay for first month’s rent, a security deposit, and all necessary furnishings for the client and when appropriate, their children.

Benefits Assistance
A full-time benefits specialist secures public assistance application so that clients receive benefits quickly. The benefits specialist evaluates clients’ eligibility for benefits within a week of their enrollment in to the program. They meet with the benefits specialist as needed in order to facilitate the entitlement process.

Transportation is provided for clients without an income via metrocard. Once financial stability is established via public assistance or employment, clients are required to include transportation in their budgets. For clients on public assistance, who are unable to meet all transportation costs due to many appointments, the program will assist with these costs.

Self-help Programs
Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-A-Non self-help groups are provided on-site and/or in the community. Clients may attend 12-step meetings within the community 2-3x weekly during their free time, weekend passes, and any time after day and evening program hours.

Urinalysis Testing
Random urinalysis screening is performed on-site weekly for all clients.

Mental Health

Greenhope’s on-site social worker along with community organizations provide weekly individual and group psychotherapy. Psychotherapy allows clients to evaluate, recognize and accept issues that affect their recovery process. Therapy provides the client with a safe and comforting arena to explore issues (i.e. incest, rape, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS) that the client may not want to disclose in a group setting.

Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric assessment, psychotropic medication management and psychiatric crisis intervention services are provided on-site and via referral. Greenhope has agreements with community organizations for the provision of psychiatric services. Clients receive an initial psychiatric assessment and receive monthly follow-up psychiatric sessions to monitor their mental health and psychotropic medication. Greenhope's physician's assistant monitors the progress of the clients on a biweekly basis.

Dual Diagnosis Workshop
This series of workshops is designed for women with disorders of substance abuse and mental illness. The following areas are addressed: education and awareness of psychiatric diagnosis, effective medication management, suicidal ideation, and emotion regulation. Emotion regulation is used throughout the workshop to assist clients in recognition, acceptance and appropriate expression of feelings. It also teaches clients to utilize distress tolerance skills.


The on-site medical assistant, physician's assistant and consulting physician conduct a medical history of all clients admitted for services. Problem-focused physical examinations along with treatment plan and/or follow-up services are provided. The client will also receive information, instruction, and counseling on health maintenance, health promotion, social problems, illness prevention and management, and use of medication. The physician's assistant provides weekly on-site health education workshops. Topics include: effective breast examination, tuberculosis, first aid, pap smear, mammograms, etc.


Greenhope provides HIV/AIDS counseling and support services to all clients affected or infected with the virus including on-site pre- and post-test counseling and education. Several community organizations provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS and STD education that includes basic HIV information, individual risk assessments, risk reduction, negotiating skills, and other related topics.

Initiated in March 2006, the Greenhope CARES program is our newest HIV services program. This program will be housed in its own facility at 2258 Third Avenue as of March 15. It operates citywide and will offer treatment adherence, supportive counseling, and family stabilization services to approximately 120 HIV-positive women per year.


In 2005, Greenhope received funding from the Tiger Foundation to begin the development of a Family Therapy Department. The goal of the program is to provide family counseling to our clients and their families in order to aid in family reunification. This service is rendered to women whose children are in kinship or foster care and are seeking to reestablish ties and visitation rights with their children. Family services will also assist our clients’ family members to interact appropriately with their addicted daughter, mother or sister.

A family therapist will provide 1) intake/assessment of clients for family services; 2) individual family counseling to clients and their family members (as needed); 3) family counseling groups for the families of our clients; 4) court advocacy, and 5) facilitation of parenting skills, domestic violence and trauma (orientation and advanced) workshops. The program also incorporates a second family therapist who will work with clients in the 6 month Aftercare Program.

Having a family therapist work with the clients and families during aftercare will assist Greenhope in its ability to continue to: (1) address special family needs during and provide advocacy and supportive services during the actual reunification (returning of children to the home) period; (2) prevent relapse, recidivism, and job loss during this vulnerable time of re-entry; transitioning to independent living.


A full-time nutritionist provides nutritional counseling and education. Thirty percent of our clientele is HIV positive and are not receiving adequate nutritional education for their health and well-being. One hundred percent of our clientele have poor eating habits and little exposure to nutritional value and instruction. The nutritionist has begun to train our clients in proper food preparation and the benefits of healthy eating. Teaching clients to eat properly will also reduce the food expenses of clients upon graduation. Their medical expenses will also be reduced as a result of healthy living.


The Activities and Daily Living (ADL) Specialist coordinates recreation and independent living skills activities. The ADL specialist meets with all new clients, assisting them in becoming acclimated to the program. The ADL Specialist ensures that new clients are outfitted with shampoo, soap, deodorant, undergarments, and clothes, when necessary, from our on-site boutique. The ADL Specialist also spends time assisting with orientation to the program. The ADL Specialist facilitates three workshops: Current Events, Activities and Daily Living Workshop, and Independent Living Skills Group. This person coordinates and escorts clients to outings, including concerts, plays, museum trips, the Zoo, etc.


A consultant provides literary and creative arts on a weekly basis. This workshop utilizes drama and story telling to provide the clients with another means to find their voice, walk in their power, and turn their past life experiences into the strongest foundation needed to become empowered, independent, drug free and productive members of their communities. Poetry writing, reading, role-plays and video production are also a part this workshop and adds to the clients positive self-expression for a healthy means of communication and positive self-identity. This workshop helps the women become familiar with themselves, authors and artists, and video production. The activities are provided on and off-site.


The fitness program is designed to provide regular physical exercise to reduce stress and health risks. The on-site exercise program increases energy, motivation, and a sense of well-being. A certified group fitness consultant offers aerobics, kickboxing, stretch and tone, step/bench as well as strengthening and toning exercises. Clients are also able to attend community health and fitness centers.


Greenhope tracks clients’ progress in relapse prevention, sobriety, vocational/educational status, job re-entry, removal from the welfare rolls, family re-unification, and jail/prison recidivism. Greenhope will also be able to more effectively work with Philliber Research Associates to analyze and evaluate its program.


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